Calendars and More

Calendars and promotional materials are perfect for Image Personalisation, because all people immediately recognize their name – an aspect of vanity we should capitalise on!

Clients of our online portal have 30 calendar templates at their disposal – all ready for configuration. They can also upload and use their own designs.

Direct Marketing

Image Personalisation creates a high level of attention for personalised postcards, flyers, brochures and selfmailers, increasing response and conversion rates.

High Volumes

Today’s high speed inkjet printers can output thousands of pages per minute. This means Image Personalisation can also be used for print-runs in the millions. For postcards, selfmailers, catalogue covers – to name but a few of the many possible applications.

Transaction Documents

Invoices, bonus point notifications, tickets or bank statements are all examples of transaction documents with promotion potential.  Combine them with the content of your choice and enjoy a new, particularly eye-catching advertising media: Transpromo. As the recipient is always known and most transaction documents are printed digitally, “Transpromo” is ideally suited for Image Personalisation.

Magazines and Periodicals

Publishers of subscription magazines know their subscribers by name. So why not personalise the magazines? Digital printing is most economical for the magazine’s cover and offset or gravure printing is ideal for the inside. Besides the eye-catching cover and – maybe – the reader’s personalised address on the inner cover page, the two back pages may also be used for personalised ads.


Woo prospective buyers in your web shop with personalised offers. Retarget shopping cart and transaction abandoners. Reactivate your customer base with reminders. With image personalised printed matters or e-mails. Send out vouchers. Or birthday wishes. Add leaflets to merchandise. Rely on Image Personalisation and increase your revenues!


E-mail marketing with Image Personalisation leads to significantly higher conversion rates. You need very high volumes? … No problem for our AlphaPicture interface.

Personalised Websites

Make use of our interface (API) to personalise images on websites. Data for personalisation is either collected through HTML forms, read out of cookies, retrieved from a database upon log-in or passed on as parameters in the URL. The latter applies when a user is led to a website via a printed medium, for instance by QR codes or image recognition.