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AlphaPicture.TV presents the video personalization
The trend in e-Marketing is called "video on demand". AlphaPicture.TV offers you
more: Personalized videos - as real as in reality. Advance with personalized
videos into new dimensions of word of mouth campaigns. Because animated
personal images move the hearts like no other medium. AlphaMovies turn out to
be the most trendy eye-catchers in the age of the flat-rate: Your WOM catalyst
for viral marketing.
New on our YouTube channel "AlphaPicture.TV":
>> AlphaPicture.TV makes you a football star

Video sequences:
>> Animated GIFs and short videos for birthday mailings
>> The stunt pilot for viral marketing high-flyers

>> AlphaPicture.TV Stream (Adobe Flash file)
>> More videos on our YouTube channel "AlphaPicture.TV"

Download of the entire AlphaPicture-Video (WMV-file)
Video file requires Windows Media Player.

>> Low Resolution (15,3 MB)
>> High Resolution (30,1 MB)

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